Download Houseparty App for PC

Download Houseparty App for Free for PC


Free Houseparty App

Houseparty is a relatively new social networking service that’s focused on friendly communication in interactive video chats. It lets you create online rooms and invite up to 7 more people to join in. The app’s unique design lets you flow between rooms and have fun with your friends and family. You can install the app for free and chat without limits, play games, and enjoy your time together. 

Functionality – 5/5

The Houseparty app download is an excellent way to get in touch with your friends using its friendly features. You can easily create new chat rooms, as everyone can see when you launch the app and ready to talk. The app can scan contacts on your smartphone or let you invite your Facebook and Snapchat friends to the room. If you feel open to chatting with anyone, you can post a snap story with a link to your Houseparty download PC room. If you’re not that social, you can sneak into the app unnoticed by holding the app’s icon in the menu until the “sneak into the House” option appears. Besides, you can switch it off in the settings.

If you want a more interactive experience, try to play Houseparty games together. Tap the dice icon to see what games are available at the moment and add friends who are online. The games, such as ‘Heads Up!’ are available as in-app purchases for 99 cents. 

As for security, you can be sure that as you make a Houseparty login all your conversations are totally private and cannot be intercepted due to the latest encryption mechanisms. If you’ve seen security breach accusations on the web, the company has already refuted them in their official statement with relevant proofs. 

Usability – 5/5

Houseparty is created for everyone who wants to bring friendly communication on a new level of simplicity. It’s as easy as sending messages in WhatsApp and lets you gather your friends together no matter where they are. People can join or ignore your room without discomfort as well as invite you to have a good time in several ways. The Houseparty app avoids the formalistic approach to communication. Due to this, video chatting is simpler than ever. 

Interface – 5/5

The user interface design of the app perfectly conforms to the idea of friendliness. It lets you quickly create rooms and add people as well as notify users about your intention to talk. The download Houseparty app is easy to use independently from the platform you choose. Just register, find your mates, and make a call. The room layout has transparent buttons that overlay the video without constricting the sizes of your friends’ videos.

Platforms – 5/5

You can install the Houseparty official app on iOS, Android, and iPad OS devices as well as on your Windows and macOS computers. There’s also a beta version of the houseparty web app that lets you join in without installation. All the bundles and Houseparty APK are available for free and offer the same functionary, similar interfaces, and unlimited free chatting. 


  • Easy to gather up to 8 people together;
  • You can notify friends on Facebook and Snapchat;
  • The app can be used incognito;
  • Unlimited free calls;
  • Houseparty online;
  • Same across all platforms. 


  • The games are paid;
  • Impossible to gather more than 8 people.

Download Houseparty App for Free for PC